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How does Cube work? Simple. After receiving Cube at home, log-on to your  reserved area using your e-mail and password given to you when you registered at Download the drivers and applications: choose the appropriate one for your system, run the program, connect Cube to your computer and the follow the easy instructions to enter your information. Now place the electrodes on your body and start the test. Cube then sends the data to headquarters where the information is processed. After 8 hours, you will be able to see your results explained by a consultant when you access your reserved area.
How do I pay? You may pay with a credit card a protected area for Pay pal or a bank check. As soon as payment has been verified, we will immediately ship your Cube to the address provided.
What is Cube used for? Cube is able to test your body mass in a non-invasive autonomous way. In an instant, it will reveal some electrical parameters of ay organism thanks to which it will be possible to obtain a complete evaluation in reference to our life style. At any time.
How do I connect Cube to the computer? You have to connect Cube to the USB port of the computer. Make sure you are connected to the internet during the test and follow the programs instruction.
A message is saying that the Driver is not certified. What do I do? Ignore the warning message informing you that the driver is not certified and allow the system to finish the installation.
What results do the test offer me? Thanks to Cube, you can get important results that inform you about your health. It will tell you the quantity of water present in your organism, or the body mass composition, in other words,  a whole series of reliable information.
My consultant suggested to purchase Cube. Where do I enter his pin number? Click on register and fill out all required fields. One of the questions will be if you already have a health consultant. Click on “yes” and enter your pin that your consultant gave you and type his name and surname. Your consultant will now be able to help in reading the results of your test and continue to suggest on what to do to be healthy
Can my friend use Cube? Of course. Friends and family can use Cube. You can also give Cube as a gift; all you  have to do is follow the link” Would  you like to give Cube as a gift?” from the reserved area.
I just performed the test, where can I see the results? To view the results, you need to wait 8 hours. This is the necessary amount of time needed for our consultants to analyze your results. When ready, you will be notified via e-mail that your test results may be accessed in your reserved area.
Do I pay to receive advice and suggestions from my consultant? Absolutely not. The consultants of MyBodyTest  will supply you with everything necessary and you will be  the one to decide when to start with your personal consultant, a program to improve your health.
Who can become a MyBobyTest consultant? Whomever wishes to work in the health field. MyBodyTest offers a series of excellent tools to the consultants: the revolutionary Cube, the personal website, excellent tools to organize your work and so much more, find out more about the different subscriptions.
Why should I suggest to my clients to purchase Cube? Because thanks to cube, your clients can perform their own tests and you can assist them from  a distance. When you subscribe to MyBodyTest, a reserved area is activated for you, where you can collect and see the results of your clients test. Your help will be essential in the in the explaining of the test results and so will suggestion for your clients on what to do to stay healthy.
How much does it cost to subscribe to My Body test? My Body test offers 3 different subscriptions; Iron, Silver and Gold. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and price range by clicking on this page.
Is the personal website included in the subscription? Yes ! You will have a website available for consultation, promoting your ideas  and relating your experiences to others regardless of the subscription you choose. In this way, you will  not only stay in touch with actual clients but you can introduce yourself to  new ones.
Who manages the contents of my website? Only you. You can use you website to promote yourself, talk about that which concerns your profession and introduce yourself. MyBodyTest assures only whether the contents of your website is offensive, inappropriate or infringing on someones rights. Read the terms and conditions to learn more
What do I gain by subscribing to My Body test? MyBodyTest system offers you a revolutionary method  to monitor your health as well as your clients health. If you own a health center, you can offer the innovative Cube and be more successful than your competition. The monthly subscription is not expensive therefore it allows you to monitor your clients health giving you an edge over the competition.
What are the differences between the various subscriptions? Every subscription has its own features to serve your reeds. If for example you would like to start  with a certain amount of clients, MyBodyTest  will refer you to clients, choose the Gold package and discover what it offers.
I would like to purchase a subscription. What do I need to do? Congratulations! Click on “Register” and then click on registration for consultants. Enter all of the information required, choose your subscription and complete your order. We will  send you an e-mail of  confirmation as soon as you place your order.
Once payment has been received, we will mail your Cube, consultants version and we will activate your website  and your reserved area from which you will be able to manage your clients, subscriptions, Merchandise,  Agenda, Orders, etc….
Can my subscription be paid in instalments? Of course. You can choose how to split the payments. Personalize your own payments.