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Client registration

What does it mean to be a MyBodyTest Customer.

Becoming a client means having the opportunity to purchase your personal Cube to test yourself and your loved ones. After purchasing Cube, you will have access to your clients page, where you will be able to see the test results and be in constant contact with your personal consultant initially referred to you.


Professional registration

What does it mean to be a MyBodyTest Professional.

Becoming a MyBodyTest professional means having the tools  to manage your patients. You will be able to use and distribute Cube to your patients and have available  to you your own website to promote your personal image as a professional. You will also have various tools to organize your work and manage your patients.


Register to view your test.

This section is dedicated to those who have received one or more tests, but do not have a device Cube. By clicking on Proceed you will only see your results.