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Ordinalo Ora

What's MyBodyTest-Cube.

CUBE (Compact USB Bia Equipment) is a revolutionary system
Measurement of Bioimpedance three compartment and four-pole connections (right-hand right foot) of the body.

It looks like a compact device (similar in appearance to a PenDrive), small, portable, easy to use application that allows
to remotely monitor their clients / patients.

With this system you make a full assessment of the state of Wellness
in a few moments, with a methodical and patented technology!

How to use.

It 's really very simple: Log in to the website and follow
the simple instructions to install the program,
connect your device to the USB port of your notebook,
enter all the required data and perform the measurement.

You'll be able to inspect the results of measurement carried out
in a few moments, or you can access your private area on the site and view
from there the results of the measurements.