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Here's what you have:
•    The revolutionary device Cube
    •    A mini site to share your experiences
    •    Advanced Customer Management
    •    Tools for the organization staff by email

    •    The support of the Medical Staff by email

    •    Technical Assistance
    •    Automated Agenda

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Cube for you and your customers.

Become a Consultant MybodyTest purchasing this subscription, you can have at your disposal the revolutionary Cube, to carry out more tests and distribute to your customers Cube. This way you can offer advice at a distance, keep the history of measurements and monitor the progress of your customers.

Talk about yourself.

Getting to know you.

Talk about yourself, your experiences and motivations for possible clients. Add your picture and  welcome your clients in an area dedicated to you and your profession. Welcome them to your website!

Make your experiences count.

Professional advice.

Your profession will allow you to meet many  people, use this space on your website to provide  your clients and future prospects advice and suggestions. Help them obtain a better lifestyle, keep them informed with new possibilities, establish an efficient exchange of information.

Promote your success.

Success story.
Your profession will give you  success stories to share everyday .Do this by using your blog! You will have at your disposal a diary in which to collect emotional success stories and will help gather  and organize the most important information of your career.

Keep in touch

Manage your clients.
In your reserved area, you will have a window that will allow you to manage your clients. In fact, you will be able to organize your contacts, gather all the pertaining information and follow them along towards a healthier future.

All of the necessary tools

Organize your work.

Managing your clients, communicating with the company, appointment book,  managing  the information in the web site, are all tools that you can find in the reserved area. In this way you can manage and organize all of your work in one reserved access window.

Medical Support.

MyBodyTest has at your disposal medical staff support to help you provide appropriate advice and solutions to your clients who use Cube. Rely on our medical staff to give professional assistance. The staff is available 24/7 by email.

Your First Clients.

If you select the Gold subscription,  MyBodyTest will provide you with your first 10 clients. In this way, you will immediately be able to begin your activity. You will be able to assist your clients with their requests and advice them on how to feel better.

Technical Assistance.

In choosing this subscription, you can count on the company’s technical assistance. Your job will be easier because our technical staff will be able to assist (by email) you with any requests.

Automated Agenda.

When you purchase this subscription, you can count on us for help to organize your work! The automated agenda. This special agenda is automatically activated for every type of assistance your clients may request. You will not  have to physically enter information regarding appointments and deadlines: the system will do it automatically.