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Find out what information we can obtain using MyBodyTest-CUBE.

Here is an example of a test carried out with CUBE [CLIENT]:

Here is an example of a test carried out with CUBE [WEB]:

Each time you test, you can see the results by accessing to your private area. On the left you will find a summary of your data, anthropometric measures introduced at the last inspection and the parameters bioimpedenziometrici detected by Cube during the measurement. On the right, find the values detected on: total Water, Water intra-and extra-cellular, basal metabolism, Massa intra and extra-cellular.

Your personal Cube will detect your fat mass index, the percentage of fat mass and lean mass, the kilogram to be taken or to be lost and your ideal weight. You can decide to request a hand to your personal consultant who will advise you what to do to improve.

To help you understand the meaning of each reading, you will find small signs at each parameter and small suggestions for improvement.

The print version of your test. At any time you decide to print the results of your test due to this practice version.